Do you wanna make this HORSE?


When I got this message from someone who had bought my Unique-orn Pattern and wanted help to make of of the mock ups I has included as inspiration in the instructions, I was really happy to help. This mock up is truly one of my most favorite I have created.

This is the mock-up referred too. Isn’t he beautiful!!

I would suggest using the same fabrics for the body of the horse as in the main pattern. The mane is actually simpler using 4 fabrics only but repeating them in several sections.

The Kona fabric colours I picked to reflected my favorite gradient of orange, pink to purple.

Below shows where I put each fabric and the fabric quantities have been adjusted to suit this layout but remember we all FPP differently so you might need more than I suggest.

I absolutely can’t wait to see this made and will share the pictures of it I have been promised when they arrive.

I hope this show how easy it is to change the look of this horse with this pattern. And feel free to ask if you want help to work out how to create your vision.

Also maybe I do NEED to make this version too…

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