… Stitch & Bitch #1

Stitch and Bitch

So five arrived at our first stitch and bitch. I was so excited and a little nervous for how it would go.  As it was the first one, not everyone knew each other and I didn’t have a plan, so it was a little slow starting.  It was nice making, seeing others work and of course lots of talking and snack eating occurred. Everyone seemed to enjoyed it & I had so much fun I forgot to take a group shot.

During the evening I started on my 3 cushions to be made out of the parrot fabric I got at Sandown. I had got some pompoms to go round as I decided I didn’t want the cushions to too plain. Having failed at putting piping round a cushion previously I thought pompoms would be easier.. Nope they are quite bulky and move around so they get in your way! Needed a recap on how to do zips so I watched a couple of your tube videos and got it wrong straight away – forgetting to put the pompoms on.  By then it was time for everyone to go home.

The best thing is the momentum it provides as in the last week I have managed to finish all 3 cushions.  Yes they are not perfect but I can see the improvement and they look great!It felt good learning new skills and practising!  I do need a little more practice with zips but for my first 3 since school I’m pretty happy!! – I might have been doing the zips all wrong looking at another you tube video.
One good lady who was on holiday for S & B popped round one evening the next week so I could give her a refresher on how to use her sewing machine.  She was inspired and keen to start but needed to get over the hurdle of how to start.
In other news I think I have decided on the design for big girl’s summer quilt so want to crack on with that. Then my next project I will do is the colour wheel footstool. Once those are done I think I will concentrate on finishing a few quilts projects I have on the go and do some blocks from my lovely quilt pattern.
Because I love my yellow chair!

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