…Stitch & Bitch #2

Stitch and Bitch

I forgot to take a photo again!! This just shows how much of a great time I’m having.  There were 4 of us this time.  2 from last time and 2 who couldn’t make it before.  I was sewing on the binding for a UFO, there was also knitting, crochet and embroidery. Lots of chat, really positive stuff about rediscovery of you after loosing your identity having children and realising that worrying about what other people think about you is bullshit (sorry mum I know you hate me swearing).  Also just doing something creative for the process and not worrying about the outcome! Thanks ladies lovely to spend time with you once again! xxx

… Stitch & Bitch #1

Stitch and Bitch

So five arrived at our first stitch and bitch. I was so excited and a little nervous for how it would go.  As it was the first one, not everyone knew each other and I didn’t have a plan, so it was a little slow starting.  It was nice making, seeing others work and of course lots of talking and snack eating occurred. Everyone seemed to enjoyed it & I had so much fun I forgot to take a group shot.

During the evening I started on my 3 cushions to be made out of the parrot fabric I got at Sandown. I had got some pompoms to go round as I decided I didn’t want the cushions to too plain. Having failed at putting piping round a cushion previously I thought pompoms would be easier.. Nope they are quite bulky and move around so they get in your way! Needed a recap on how to do zips so I watched a couple of your tube videos and got it wrong straight away – forgetting to put the pompoms on.  By then it was time for everyone to go home.

The best thing is the momentum it provides as in the last week I have managed to finish all 3 cushions.  Yes they are not perfect but I can see the improvement and they look great!It felt good learning new skills and practising!  I do need a little more practice with zips but for my first 3 since school I’m pretty happy!! – I might have been doing the zips all wrong looking at another you tube video.
One good lady who was on holiday for S & B popped round one evening the next week so I could give her a refresher on how to use her sewing machine.  She was inspired and keen to start but needed to get over the hurdle of how to start.
In other news I think I have decided on the design for big girl’s summer quilt so want to crack on with that. Then my next project I will do is the colour wheel footstool. Once those are done I think I will concentrate on finishing a few quilts projects I have on the go and do some blocks from my lovely quilt pattern.
Because I love my yellow chair!

… am going to start a sewing circle!!

Stitch and Bitch

Or stitch and bitch!! Or a make and be crafty!

I have wanted get together with some other like-minded mum’s (I know!!! It’s really our only identity) for about 4 years but always been to busy/lazy or not found an affordable venue or something else….  generally lots of excuses! Now I am just going to do it!!! A small select group at my house and if it becomes bigger then I can work out what to do then! We had our extension finished just before baby arrived (don’t recommend building work and being pregnant but that’s another story) so now we have the space!

It won’t have to be stitching just making in general (make me a little less mad!!).  Obviously, biscuits, cake, tea and coffee will be an essential feature but so will having a good old chin wag, minus the ankle biters who normally stop us mid thought. Wine will probably not be a feature as I’m not much of a drinker.  Also being a bit tipsy and using sharp things is probably not a great idea!

So… I have set up the WhatsApp group, sent the first message and I’m so frigging excited!!!!!!!!


Fingers crossed it works out!!!