Large Format Pattern Files & Printing

Fractured Skull Quilt, Sew Along

Why is this quilt pattern in a large format and I can’t print it at home?

Designing and releasing the Fractured Skull Quilt pattern has been a real dilemma.  I knew I wanted to make my Fractured Skull panel into a pattern for several quilt sizes. The sections as I designed them are much larger than a single sheet of paper you can print on at home.  I didn’t want to compromise my design and aesthetic adapting the pattern to fit single pages or be obvious as pages sewn together.  I investigated printing the sections on to multiple pages, which would mean printing over 120 pages, sorting out how they go and sticking them together.   Generally a huge waste of time, sanity and energy in my opinion. Using multiple pages to make up sections could very easily not match up accurately meaning key points in the quilt will not match.  Though my “fractured” design will hide a multitude of sins, when everything lines up it looks much much better.

I knew I could produce a document which could be printed on a plotter like building drawings (I trained as an architect) or modern dressmaking patterns. This is completely different for some of you but don’t be put off I promise it’s easy once you know how.

This is how my print outs arrived and the size of one of the pages in comparison to me.

Where can I get large format pattern files printed?



  • – US$19.98 (6xA0) total with shipping
  • FedEx/kinkos (in Portland, Oregon) – US$40 (6xA0)
  • If you want to support a small independent sewing business – – US$17.50 (6xA0) not including shipping or tax but they only do a print/ post run once a week.
  • local print shops seem to be about $30 and have it done in minutes

DON’T USE – UPS Store.  They charged one SAL participant £52 on blueprint paper


  • Staples CAD$48 on engineering paper and collected
  • “Cindy-rella’s sewing & quilting” in Regina, Saskatchewen $5 a page collected


Sorry if your country is not listed here.  If you know a place to recommend, please email me on and I will update this list as soon as possible.

How to get the pattern printed online?

All of these online places will be similar.  The amazing Lauren @lovevernhandmade did a little video for using  

I also managed to do a video using you can see they are very similar processes!

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