Purchasing an Electronic Pattern and Downloading it

Fractured Skull Quilt, Sew Along

I have shops on both Etsy and Payhip and don’t have paper copies of my patterns for sale (except at Festival of Quilts).

Both of these platforms send you an email (to the address you have entered or is registered with them) with a link for you to click on to download the files. Please check your junk email box and log into your Etsy account and see the address you have registered (it could well be your partner’s email address).

If you have any issues do look at Etsy’s help or Payhip(bottom 3 articles) for assistance. 

On Etsy if you have the app downloaded on you phone you may have issues if when you click the link in your email you select for it to open the link in the etsy app. You should select the option for it to download using a web browser.

If neither of these work do email me on andsewiblog@gmail.com and I will endeavor to assist but I may not be able to respond immediately. As long as I can identify your purchase I will email you direct the file you can’t download and trust copyright laws will be adhered to.

As noted on both of these site I can not issue refunds on electronic files.   

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