…had a very happy weekend meeting up with an old flame…

Day out, Work in Progress


I couple of weeks ago I bumped into an old horse friend from my sharing days before children.  I literally shouted across the stable yard “I know you” to buy time till I could remember her name! Catching up with news on the old horses and people I was encouraged and now able to get in contact with the owner of my old horse share.  This weekend I went to see her and the second love of my life ROSS!

How beautiful is he.. doesn’t look a day older and certainly not his 26 years!!! Unfortunately, his mummy can’t quite get down as much as she would like to give him some love so I am going to go down and see him hopefully once a week for a chat, groom walk-out and maybe some lunging.  I can’t wait! Unfortunately, being out of the saddle so long, the weight I have put on since having my big girl and his increased years means I don’t think it would be fair to ride him.  Maybe something to remember as I reach for the biscuits, cake or chocolate.  I expect one day soon he will feature in some kind of sewing.  I fancy trying a raw edge applique..


In other news, the summer holidays are here and I’m spending lots of time with both my girls.  I’m trying to pace myself and doing quiet sitting activities as much as possible.  At the first stitch and bitch I was shown a you tube video and it included a simple braiding with cardboard circle so I though I would try it with my big girl.  She can do it and does it but it looses her attention quite quickly which is to be expected at 4 1/2yrs.  I on the other hand am finding it quite addictive!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a UFO started last summer.  I jelly roll I can’t remember its name but had it for a few years without having the courage to do something with it.  I will do full post on it once its finished but hear is a sneak peak…. just the binding to hand stitch.


…had a little family trip out to..

Day out

A fabric fayre in Great Bookham on Saturday afternoon! Husband and children took me as I quote “you don’t get to do much of your stuff.. and there is cake”.


Obviously I had a lovely time looking at lots of fabric and discovered ‘The Eternal Maker’ which I’m sure I already knew about but their selection of modern fabrics caught my eye.  Especially some Jersey and after mentioning I don’t know how to sew that stuff it seems there is no excuse as they do a day course! Where do I book…… I would love to make clothes and lets face it jersey will be the most forgiving to my figure!

After being very good and having a look around the whole show I was again encouraged by the husband to by a pattern (fraction quilt by Lou Orth) I had seen on-line and stored (without knowing I could buy the pattern I was going to use as inspiration).  Again another quote from the hubby “well there is no time limit to it! It won’t ever go off! What is the problem?”…. Maybe he wants something!!!!

I got some Alison Glass fabric which I think itself looks like a quilt and I love the colours. some binding clips so I can leave my work in progress out and the kids won’t get hurt and so bobbin buddies as I realised I really do need to store reel and bobbin together to avoid waste.

Lastly, a half hexi template which was inspired by a tiling pattern photo I saw on the UK Quilters United facebook page (by Lyn Butler who is doing a foundation paper piecing pattern I will link to in due course).

Lyn Butler UK Quilters United tiling

Facebook is also now showing me ads which I’m sure are for Quilts…


….. went to London (♫♫♫to buy heat magazine!!! ♫♫♫)

Day out

Not really.  It was the husband and I’s 18 year anniversary of the first time we met this weekend.  We decided to take the girls to the National History Museum and have a wonder around.  Babies first time on a train and the underground she was so overwhelmed she slept through it! Me being me I was nearly on my knees just getting there.  Walking with a baby in a sling after having a c section and gallbladder out means practically non-existent tummy muscles and backache but I powered through! (sympathy and adoration please) After doing the usual dinosaurs and bargain lunch we went up to the mineral gallery and vault where I was briefly allowed to look at all the pretty colours, shapes and forms.  These are my favourite photos but don’t really do justice to the colours and how beautiful they were.


I would love to make a quilt series inspired by these. I think they would be very modern and abstract seeming but ironic given the minerals are so old.    Well that idea has been adding to my rapidly growing ‘to experiment making’ to do list.  Never going to keep track of this let alone do it…. If only I was child free some of the time! I know I should really not wish this time away.  The past 4 months have flown by and I know I will not ever have a little baby again.  Loving the smiles chatting and almost giggling though!

Next we then wondered over to Hyde park (can you believe I have never been) and to the serpentine pavilion.  It’s a striking dark semi translucent structure with reflective surfaces inside with a water pool which big girl loved playing in and polished curved roof structure! Of course I took the classic arty architectural photos..




I love the use of roof tiles in an alternative way.  The translucency at points is also interesting.  It has made me think about how I could translate into a quilt somehow… thread only on wadding?, deliberately using back the of the fabric?, using a quilt in an external garment?… hardly revolutionary.


Obviously we had to have a play taking photos of our reflections!! Its also one of our first family photo’s while out and about.

We also popped over to the Diana fountain.  I could have watched all the children playing and the water flowing all day. A great place to cool off in summer. Homeward bound we strolled down the Serpentine Lake seeing the large installation – info here ( http://www.serpentinegalleries.org/exhibitions-events/christo-and-jeanne-claude-barrels-and-mastaba-1958%E2%80%932018 ) and lots of bird life.